Welcome to Storm Haven, and the Quest of the Chosen!!

This is an epic campaign Arc that will span from Level 1 to Level 30+. It encompasses 6 individuals where were chosen to not only defend a nation, destroy an eternal Evil, but also to return One of their own to his Rightful place as the High King of the empire of Narsil, An Eladrin kingdom built amongst the great forests of the Great Vale.

In the Following Adventures, One will find Their true calling. One shall fulfill an ancient Prophecy. One Shall Claim what is there’s by birthright, while another shall defeat their greatest adversary. One will reclaim their Family Name, while another shall raise an entire Kingdom from the embers of destruction. The Six Chosen have gathered. Their coming foretold in an ancient telling:

_“The Six shall begin within and without. Strangers but two… but all connected by One._

Two from the Northern Wood, Whose Blood flows Blue.

*One of the Darkness, whose Soul Outshines the Sun.

One from the Great Tower, who is blessed by the Scaled One.

One From the Elemental Chaos, who should Roam both Worlds.

One Who Comes from Love, To become Love.

* One to bring Them Together, One to Guard Them All.*

One to Balance The Light, One to Heed the Call.

One to Protect The Heir, And One to retrieve his Claim.

Six Chosen to Serve… and Five to Rule in Her Name.”*

So goes The Legend.. and SO is it that The Six Adventurers, known as The Chosen have come to Claim their Role in the Great Minstrel’s Tale of Life.

The Rise of the King