The Rise of the King

Closing of the Rift

Legends tells two Tales of what happened at the Keep on the Shadowfell. Below is what you would hear, if some of the Human decendants would tell the Tale.

Ages ago…a Cult of Orcus, in an attempt to bring forth the denizens of thier Dark Lord of Destruction, found a portal to the Shadowfell. Deep within the caverns north of what is now called Winterhaven. As they prepared to open up the Rift, a contingent of the Narfell Empire’s most elite guard rode in to stop the Priests. At thier side were allies from the dwarven empire as well as a contingent of Elves from the East.

As they fought the undead minions of the Priests, and the priests themselves, They were at awe at the blade prowess of one of the Elven warriors. He cut a swath through the priests and soon found himself split from the main battle group. As the main group reached the bottom levels they sent a messenger to the surface…This would be the last time anyone would hear from the group.

a Dark blast of energy erupted from the cavern, and all fell silent. As another group of warriors and healers decended back into the caverns, everything was slain. The Shadowrift Portal had been closed, and the Orc priests dispatched. One Human was found, who, with his last breath, whispered a tale of deception. He spoke that the Elven blademaster turned on his own group, killing them, and then began dispatching everyone he could reach, Orcus minion and hero alike. It was his Fell stroke that destroyed the Orc head Priest and caused the destructive Blast. Even after the Clerics had said that the ritual could react violently if not undone.

Surprisingly, The Elf did survive the Blast. When the rescue group got to the lower levels, The Elf was scrying something on the wall in a crypt just above the main room in a small alcove. The Elf then bolted from the Group and emerged into the daylight above. Those that witnessed it said that He was babbling and screaming like a Mad Man… He ran off and was never seen again.

But the Tale of the Elves of a small village from the East tell a totally different story.

The Elves tell that when they met the enemy deep within the labrynth, The dark powers of the Portal corrupted the Men.. and that they turned on themselves. slaying the dwarves and men alike. The Elf broke free from the carnage. He fled to the lowest level, and found the Orcus head Priest. He slew the creature and the backlash from the interupted Ritual caused the blast.

His mind was assailed with all the evil that had filled the room and drove him Mad…he recovered a few months after enough to pass along the tale to his young son before he died.

The elves are content with knowing the truth.. but over the years, it has become a sore spot within the Elven community and is rarely if ever spoken of.



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