The Rise of the King

The Faithful Day

Day One

The Old man seemed content to enjoy the smoke that trailed from his pipe.. almost ignoring those students who had gathered … waiting… not making a sound.. in fear of missing any morsel of the legendary Tale.

“So… where was I?.. OHh yes.. the Death of a god, and the faithful meeting of the Chosen…He continued…

It was a Warm Day… Not unlike most days during the late spring. The small farming Village known simply as Hammlett is not known for much… but would soon be legendary.

A Young Pelorian Paladin,who called himself Borogan Had come to the Town, searching for a lost artifact that would help cleanse his dieing Uncle. A Father Took… if I am not mistaken.. and you know.. that I am rarely ever am.

In his company, came his Eladrin half sister, Violet, Herself an accomplished Sword Maiden of Narsil. The Fae Guardian Lilly, whose wiley magics and fey tactics buzzed about the two.. fussing more like a mother hen over the Eladrin Princess.  Ahh Yes...I would be remiss if I did not mention, that this young Eladrin.. was the High Princess of Narsil... and on a secret quest to protect her older half brother on his fool quest.

From the Gates, a small framed priestess of Melora, who went by the name of Riana at the time, strolled up on the scene. Her visions had guided her to this place.. at this exact time… But she was uncertain as to why… more to her in a minute though my friends…

As they passed on pleasentries.. the fellow.. the bumbling apprentice that I spoke of before? why at this time.. He stumbled out of the Mayor’s Office.. nearly trampling the others in the process! It was an.. unlikely meeting.. indeed..”

The Old Man chuckled, almost remembering that day,as if he had been there.

“Well.. of course he mentioned that his Master had sent him to find the Ranger Kurgan… and wanted to know if they had known his whereabouts… Well unbenownest to our wizard’s apprentice… the Paladin and his friends were trekking to find the old Hermit themselves..for only he knew the whereabouts of the Jade Chalice… the only artifact that could save his Uncle.

Well Our Hapless adventurers spend that evening planning within the Inn… getting to know one another.. sizing each other up… you could bet. That next morning the headed north into the woods. The followed deer trails and passages found by the Melorian Priestess…”

“But Sir.. that is only Five.. if my count is right..You still haven’t..” One of the students had begun to question before quick look from the Man quieted any more questions.”

“I know.. I am getting to him.. He actually wasn’t there that first night.. despite what you may have learned…

At any rate.. as they entered an opening… the Fae Guardian, small and tiny, was attacked from the sky by a large white Owl… who carried her into this Darkness… and then, from that Darkness came an ebon Hand.. holding a crossbow. Outstepped The Scion of Darkstone…

Yes.. they were not the best of Friends when they Met… and yes.. the Owl was Cord the Eternal.. and no he didn’t eat the faerie…of course not…

Anyway… soon they did become friends.. and the Dark One agreed to help the other Five.

And in that one moment… the six had gathered.. and the Chosen had formed.



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