• Boragan Haverstar

    Boragan Haverstar

    The Half Elven High Prince.. exiled from his homeland, now searching to earn his way back into his father's Kingdom
  • Jalorn Morningstar

    Jalorn Morningstar

    Wizard Apprentice of Androse. Has been prophecied to be the Next Dragon Magi. Has since thrown in with the Chosen.
  • Lilly


    Fae Guardian and Fierce Protector of The High Princess Violet Haverstar.
  • Malekith Darkstone

    Malekith Darkstone

    Scion of the Dark King Kurse Darkstone. Has pledged to protect Boragan Haverstar with Sword and Spell. he searches for answers to his father's passing as well as the resting places of Quicksilver and Mercury, his Father's legendary swords.
  • Riana


    Vibrant blue eyes, mossy green hair ... wilderness priestess extraordinaire
  • Violet Haverstar

    Violet Haverstar

    The Half Sister of Boragan Haverstar. Blade Maiden of Narsil.. She accompanies her brother to protect him.