RR After Winterhavens Feast

Riana curled her arms around her knees and stared into the woods. She took a deep breath, trying to calm out the stress that she had felt in Winterhaven. She had felt so trapped in there, so closed in … so shut away from the wilderness that she breathed. She had barely been able to keep it in check, knowing that it was not good to snap at people who were so obviously honoring them. Though, she had almost lost it when she had realized that the gates were closed, that they were locked in for the night … though she felt a bit silly about that feeling, now, when the gates were so easily opened for them…

The story about the shadowrift had helped, though … thinking about something else had helped. That one elf that came out … was that her grandfather? It must have been. She sighed, thinking on it … he came out mad and ran away. Well. She would run, too, if someone had been controlling her for so long, making her do bad things.

And that only one survived, and the shadowrift was closed … that argued that he was on the side of trying to close the shadowrift, right?

She shook her head, not really knowing what to think about it. She stretched out her senses as much as she could, trying to wrap herself in the comfort of the woods, that had always been there to soothe her …

But it was different. Had been different ever since the fey guardians were destroyed. She guessed she would get used to it, or would somehow help change things … but … for right now, it was just another reminder of hwo much her life had changed.

Everything was changed. Her home was no longer home to her. She was traveling with royalty, with a fey guardian … THE fey guardian … there was a tower that came when called! A mage who had shown her that everything had a light in them … who personally knew dieties … who introduced her to elementals who had the power to open up planes …

Her head hurt.

And she felt a bit lost. Who was she, to be part of all this? Exactly how did she fit in?

She had felt that she had fit in with Moon Fang and his pack … but seeing him return home had reminded her that he had a home … and she didn’t. She had never realized before how important it was to her to belong somewhere, to be part of a group. And right now, she was a bit lost.

How could she fit in with a group that had royalty and a fey guardian? A mage that could call a tower? She was just herself, no one special …

... but Nilonim had said something about people speaking of her deeds in years to come?


She shook her head in disbelief. Why would anyone do something silly like that? She was just Riana. That’s all.

She looked back in the direction that the tower was in … maybe someday she could call those people her pack. Her lot was thrown in with them, either way. The royal siblings, who she sometimes forgot were royal … thankfully, they didn’t seem ready to call her for head when she did something disrespectful.

The mage … she snorted. The idiot, having to brag about the dragon at the first chance. What would he do, keep pulling it out every village they got to? And just summoning up that tower like that … what was he, a stage magician? Seemed to have a flair for drama. But … he was handy to have in a fight.

The dark elf … who had suddenly changed from being too serious and aloof to being more happy, lighter? She smiled a bit. He was still a predator, but he felt more balanced now.

And the fey guardian … the fey guardian. The last one. It was her job to keep the guardian alive and well … not that the guardian seemed to be needing her help. But she knew that more would be lost then one life if the guardian was lost.

And how would they fix that? How could they?

Maybe … with what Nilonim had shown her … they were the connection with the feywild. What if there were more there? Could they come over to this place? Would they?

She didn’t know enough about the fey guardians to know. Perhaps, when she had time, she could ask Lily about it…

As much as she felt lost or overwhelmed at times … as much as it bothered her that everythign was changing … she knew she had a duty. At least in that she had something to focus on, to wrap herself up in. She would fix what was broken. Somehow. That gave her some comfort, for if not really a place … well, it was a purpose. She would hold to her duty.

She grabbed that bit of comfort and forced the thoughts from her mind. She spoke a sincere prayer to Melora, and cleared out her mind, sensing and focusing on everything around her, the life of the wilderness … and lost herself in her contemplations of the woodlands.

RR After Winterhavens Feast

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